Actually doing stuff and lots of photos

5 Sep

Just a quick post with a lot of pictures of what I’ve been up to.

So far, I’ve been fairly good about not buying fabric (I know, it’s only the 5th). HOWEVER, I DID buy 5 yards for backing of my newly finished log cabin quilt top. But I’m not counting that since it finishes a project and it will be used right away. Look, I’m only human, okay?

Anyway, here it is. I really, really, really love it and can’t wait to have it on my couch all fall/winter long.

-3 -4

I’ve also been slowly working on a huge batch of these lovely strawberries (again). The first batch is nearly gone as I’ve given them away as gifts and extras in swaps.


I also whipped up this cute little bag for a late birthday present for my best friend, Renee. I filled it with all sorts of goodies.


I also made her this cute little zipper pouch since she is after all getting married in January. I was going to save it for her bridal shower and fill it with all sorts of things that brides need, but I just couldn’t wait. It is way too cute to wait.


The following picture is NOT from September purchases, but have simply accumulated over the past couple months. I had no idea they had multiplied so fast until I gathered them up all together.


I still plan to stick with my no unnecessary fabric purchases in September. I’ll make sure to check in and let you know how I’m doing.

I almost forgot, I also made this cute little liner for this basket this past weekend.


And last but not least, we’re finally getting some tomatoes from our plants around here!


I have no kitty photo to leave you with (shocking, I know.). Next time though, I swear. What have you been up to?


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