Some sewing did happen

26 Apr

I haven’t posted since February?! Shame on me. Well, this post isn’t going to be very substantial, unfortunately. But I wanted to share a few things I’ve been working on. Before I do, let me start by apologizing for the terrible quality photos. But that’s what happens when you get an iPad. You get lazy and suddenly it’s just like, eh, get the camera out? Are you crazy? Use the iPad! So the photos look REALLY good on my iPad and not so good on the actual computer. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

I made these pillow shams, even though they don’t match any of our bedding, but I love them more than a reasonable person should.


I also made a bunch of tote bags. Not for any reason. Or for anyone specific, but because, hey! Why not??


And then I made this one for my niece’s 19th birthday. She has a hedgehog named Fluffy. I think she liked the stuff we put it in better than the bag itself. Teenagers! Can’t live with ’em, well actually, I don’t live with them.


And then I made this insanely adorable pincushion that I can’t even use because seriously? Could you stab that little mouse with a million tiny pins? If you can, you’re a monster.


And then Fiyero happened and no one in the land was allowed to sew ever again.


Just kidding. I was tired of cutting out fabric anyway. Next time I post, I’ll try not to be so lazy with the camera.



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